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Fire Protection & Cylinder Services in Portland, OR

If you’re a business owner in Portland, you have many responsibilities to your customers and employees. One of these is ensuring adequate fire safety, which is relevant in every building, no matter the industry. Turn to Fire King of Seattle for fire protection and cylinder services in Portland, Oregon. We take your safety and code compliance very seriously.

To learn more about our fire protection and cylinder products and services, please contact us today.

Fire Extinguishers in Portland

Is your building outfitted with portable fire extinguishers that promote fire safety? This code-compliant addition to your business puts the firefighting power in the hands of your employees. By providing access to properly maintained extinguishers, you can increase the level of fire protection in your Portland building.

Fire Sprinklers in Portland

When it comes to limiting property damage and saving lives in a fire, nothing is more effective than a sprinkler system. Make sure yours is properly designed, installed, maintained, and repaired as needed to maximize performance.

Kitchen Hoods in Portland

The cooking area of your building requires more fire protection than other rooms. Grease fires are among the most dangerous that can occur in commercial buildings. Installing, testing, inspecting, and repairing your kitchen hood with help from Fire King is one of the best things you can do to protect your business.

Fire Suppression in Portland

When water isn’t the best extinguishing agent, you need a fire suppression system that uses wet chemicals, foam, or clean agents to put out fires. Fire King can help you design and install the right system for your Oregon business. Plus, we provide ongoing testing, maintenance, and repair work as needed.

Fire Alarms in Portland

As a vital life safety system, fire alarms serve the important purpose of alerting everyone of danger. Fire King can install such a system in your Portland building, as well as test, repair, and monitor the system for maximum performance.

Exit Lighting in Portland

When a fire or other emergency causes a power failure, battery-operated emergency lighting guides the way to the exit. As a result, the evacuation is likely to be safer and more orderly. Fire King provides routine inspections, testing, and repair work for code compliance purposes.

Hydrostatic & UE Testing

Periodic hydrostatic testing and Ultrasonic Examination (UE) of your high-pressure cylinders are required to remain compliant with DOT regulations. Fire King tests and repairs more compressed gas cylinders than any other independent facility in the Pacific Northwest. Our large facility in the Duwamish industrial area of Seattle is highly equipped to handle bulk orders.

Fire Code Compliance Services in Portland

If you’re tired of fretting over code inspections, team up with Fire King for the tests, upgrades, and other services you need. Everything we do is geared toward ensuring your compliance with local and federal fire safety codes.

Life Safety System Monitoring in Portland

To provide the greatest level of life safety in your Portland business, consider investing in monitoring services from Fire King. We monitor fire alarms, automatic fire suppression, and sprinkler systems to ensure emergency responders dispatch to your location as quickly as possible.

Cylinder Products & Services in Portland

In addition to cylinder testing, we also sell, maintain, and recondition compressed gas cylinders for our Portland customers. Our services help your cylinders last for decades.

Schedule Fire Protection & Cylinder Services in Portland, OR

Benefit from Fire King’s 35+ years of experience to make your Portland building as safe and code compliant as possible. We always put our customers’ needs first!

For comprehensive fire safety and cylinder services in Portland, please contact Fire King today at 206-763-4177.

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