We are excited to announce that Fire King is now part of Performance Systems Integration.

We are excited to announce that Fire King is now part of Performance Systems Integration.

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Fire King of Seattle is committed to providing value for our customers by focusing on and tailoring our products and services to each customer’s specific needs.

Fire King provides products and services to the military, major gas manufacturers, independent welding supply companies, fire extinguisher companies, fire departments, scuba companies, and municipalities throughout the Pacific Northwest.

From top brands like Amerex, Badger, and more, we have the fire protection and cylinder products you need.

Contact us today to learn more about our products for businesses in Seattle, Tacoma, and surrounding areas.

Fire Extinguishers in Seattle & Tacoma

We sell a whole range of fire extinguishers for various applications including:

  • Class ABC fire extinguishers
  • Class BC fire extinguishers
  • Class K wet chemical fire extinguishers
  • Purple K fire extinguishers
  • Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers
  • Cleanguard fire extinguishers
  • HFC-227 / FM-200 fire extinguishers
  • Foam fire extinguishers
  • Water fire extinguishers
  • And more!

We also provide fire extinguisher parts and accessories like brackets, cabinets, signs, and more.

For fire extinguishers in the Pacific Northwest, contact Fire King of Seattle today!

Cylinder Products

If you are looking for pressurized gas cylinder products, Fire King is the company to call. We offer a variety of cylinder products to meet your needs, including:

  • Compressed gas cylinders
  • Carbon dioxide cylinders
  • Cylinder parts
  • Cylinder accessories

No matter your industry, Fire King can get you the cylinder products and services you need for your Pacific Northwest business.

Get Fire Protection Products in Seattle Today

Protect your business with the help of Fire King. Since 1982, we’ve been helping companies in Seattle, Tacoma, and the surrounding Pacific Northwest area get the protection they need.

Call us at (206) 763-4177 or contact us online to get started!

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