We are excited to announce that Fire King is now part of Performance Systems Integration.

We are excited to announce that Fire King is now part of Performance Systems Integration.

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Fire Extinguisher & Suppression Products

Fire King offers an extensive line of fire extinguishers to fulfill any need. If you are looking for new fire extinguishers for your Puget Sound home, business, or marine vessel, we have you covered. We rent out and sell both new and fully reconditioned portable fire extinguishers. Let us help you determine the proper type, size, and number of fire extinguishers you need to maximize life safety and code compliance in your building.

To learn more about purchasing fire extinguishers from Fire King, please contact us today. We serve the entire Pacific Northwest.

Types of Fire Extinguishers

We sell a whole range of fire extinguishers for various applications. Take a look at our offerings to see what might be best for your needs:

  • Class ABC fire extinguishers: Multipurpose dry chemical fire extinguishers are appropriate for common fires found in typical buildings. They are effective against Class A (wood and paper), Class B (flammable liquid), and Class C (electrical) fires.
  • Class BC fire extinguishers: This is a slightly different type of dry chemical fire extinguisher that is appropriate for fighting Class B and C fires.
  • Class K wet chemical fire extinguishers: Class K (kitchen) fires respond best to the wet chemicals found in these fire extinguishers. They are most often used in restaurants, cafeterias, food courts, and other buildings with cooking areas.
  • Purple K fire extinguishers: The purple-colored siliconized potassium bicarbonate in these extinguishers is highly effective against Class B and C fires. Oil, gas, chemical, and utility companies are typical customers.
  • Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers: White CO2 “snow” removes heat to smother Class B and C fires quickly and effectively.
  • Halon 1211 fire extinguishers: Halon 1211 leaves no residue behind. Halon has been out of production since 1994, but recycling and reusing existing supplies is a viable option.
  • Halotron fire extinguishers: This clean agent was introduced in 1992 as an alternative to ozone-depleting Halon. It is often used in computer rooms, aircraft cabins, and ships.
  • Cleanguard fire extinguishers: DuPont FE-36, the chemical found in Cleanguard, is commonly used in buildings with sensitive electronics.
  • HFC-227 / FM-200 fire extinguishers: Heptafluoropropane, also called HFC-227 or FM-200, is a gaseous fire suppression agent that leaves no residue, making it ideal for areas with delicate equipment.
  • Foam fire extinguishers: Low-, medium-, and high-expansion firefighting foams cool flames and coat the fuel source to douse the fire. Different types are suitable for Class A and B fires.
  • Water fire extinguishers: The most traditional fire extinguishing agent is only appropriate for Class A fires. However, water mist extinguishers are also suitable for Class C fires.

Fire Extinguisher Parts & Accessories

Get the most out of your fire extinguishers with the right parts and accessories. Fire King offers the following:

  • Wheel units (available in dry chemical, carbon dioxide, and Halon)
  • Brackets
  • Cabinets
  • Signs
  • Rebuild kits
  • Gauges
  • Hoses and nozzles

Buy Fire Extinguishers in the Pacific Northwest

Fire King is your one-stop-shop for fire extinguishers, parts, and accessories. We also inspect, hydro test, and recondition fire extinguishers to keep them in top working order. In addition to extinguisher products and services, we also service fire alarms, fire sprinklers, exit lighting, kitchen hoods, and fire suppression. Choose us for all your fire protection needs in Seattle and the surrounding region!

For help selecting the right fire extinguishers for your home, business, or marine vessel, please contact Fire King today by calling 206.763.4177.

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