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Our Fire Protection Services

Office buildings, retail stores, schools, hospitals, and other commercial buildings in the Greater Puget Sound region rely on Fire King of Seattle to provide superior fire protection products and services. No matter what solution you are looking for, rest assured that we focus on maximizing life safety and code compliance in everything we do. We are a one-stop shop for all your fire protection needs, from design and installation to routine testing and inspections.

To schedule fire protection services with Fire King of Seattle, please contact us today. We serve the entire Pacific Northwest, including Washington, Tacoma, and Oregon.

Fire Extinguishers in Seattle

A fire extinguisher in the hands of a capable employee is often the key to controlling a small blaze before it grows out of control. Increase the chances of a positive outcome following a fire by equipping your building with the proper type, size, and number of fire extinguishers.

Choose Fire King of Seattle for:

For fire extinguisher services in the Seattle, Washington area, contact Fire King of Seattle today!

Fire Sprinklers

Whether you operate a large warehouse or small retail space, fire sprinklers are an invaluable component of your fire protection system. This addition to your building could drastically reduce property damage and limit the loss of life if a fire breaks out.

We offer the following services:

  • Fire sprinkler inspection
  • Fire sprinkler testing
  • Fire sprinkler repair

Kitchen Hoods

The kitchen is one of the most fire-prone places in a commercial building. Make sure yours is protected with an automatic fire suppression and hood system.

Count on Fire King of Seattle for these services:

  • Kitchen hood inspection
  • Kitchen hood repair

Fire Suppression

If you operate a server room, museum, data center, or hazardous material storage area, water may not be a suitable extinguishing agent. Protect against fire, smoke, and water damage by installing a fire suppression system. This uses foam, clean agents, or chemicals to put out fires without water.

Call us to schedule any of these services:

  • Fire suppression installation
  • Fire suppression testing
  • Fire suppression repair

Do you need fire suppression for Seattle or Tacoma business? Talk to the fire protection experts at Fire King of Seattle to get started.

Fire Alarms

While this component of your fire protection system does not actively battle the flames, it sends out a warning to everyone in the building, so they know to evacuate long before they see fire or smell smoke.

Choose us to perform any of these services:

  • Fire alarm installation
  • Fire alarm testing
  • Fire alarm repair
  • Fire alarm monitoring

Exit Lighting

Fires and other emergencies may lead to a power outage, which could make for a chaotic evacuation. Maintain order with battery-powered exit signs and emergency lighting as required by local and national fire codes.

Give us a call to arrange the following services:

  • Exit lighting inspection
  • Exit lighting repair

Hydrostatic & UE Testing

The fire extinguishers and other compressed gas cylinders in your building require routine testing to remain safe and code compliant.

Visit our Seattle location for the following cylinder services:

  • Compressed gas cylinder hydrostatic testing
  • Compressed gas cylinder Ultrasonic Examination (UE)

Contact Fire King of Seattle for Fire Protection Services in Pacific Northwest

With over 35 years of experience, the fire protection team at Fire King of Seattle is highly qualified to provide you with exceptional fire protection services. We take pride in outfitting our clients’ buildings with the safest, most reliable fire protection equipment on the market. Our services provide you with the peace of mind you need to run your business without worrying about what will happen if an unexpected fire breaks out.

For more information about our fire protection services, or to schedule an appointment in Seattle or the surrounding region, please contact us today by calling (206) 763-4177!

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