We are excited to announce that Fire King is now part of Performance Systems Integration.

We are excited to announce that Fire King is now part of Performance Systems Integration.

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Hydrostatic Cylinder Services

Fire King is a specialist in hydrostatic testing and cylinder maintenance. Our customers include the military, major gas manufacturers, independent welding supply companies, fire extinguisher companies, fire departments, and municipalities. We test and repair more compressed gas cylinders than any other independent facility in the Pacific Northwest. Visit our plant location in Seattle for the cylinder testing you need to remain code-compliant.

To schedule pressurized cylinder services in the Greater Puget Sound region, please contact Fire King online today. We serve businesses in Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Northern California.

The Benefits of Hydrostatic Cylinder Services

Performing periodic hydrostatic cylinder testing on cylinders, pipes, and other pressure vessels is wise to make sure they can be put back into service safely, but the tests can have other great benefits for your business, as well. These can include:

  • Preventing dangerous accidents – Hydrostatic cylinder testing is designed to catch even small structural problems early, preventing catastrophic accidents and injuries.
  • Cost savings – Instead of replacing older cylinders before testing is due, you can have them recertified and save money.
  • Meeting DOT specifications – Hydrostatic testing helps you to remain compliant with DOT specifications and local regulations.
  • Avoiding penalties and fines – Transporting cylinders that are outdated or have not been tested can lead to costly fines and other penalties, jeopardizing your business.
  • Providing peace of mind – When you have cylinders that contain flammable or dangerous materials, regular hydrostatic cylinder testing ensures that they are safe and leak-free.

Make sure your cylinders are safe and structurally sound. Bring them to Fire King today for comprehensive hydrostatic cylinder testing. From Seattle and Tacoma to Bellevue, Kirkland, and Redmond, we are here to make sure your business is safe, code-compliant, and ready for an emergency.

Contact our experts at Fire King today to learn more about the benefits of routine hydrostatic cylinder testing.

Hydrostatic Cylinder Testing

DOT regulations require periodic hydrostatic testing of high-pressure cylinders. For instance, high-pressure cylinders need a hydrostatic test every five or 10 years, depending on their markings. The purpose of hydrostatic testing is to examine the structural integrity of the cylinder by pressurizing the cylinder to its designed test pressure. If the cylinder passes the test, it can be filled and put back into service until the next test date.

Fire King is a DOT-approved high- and low-pressure hydro testing facility located in the Duwamish industrial area of Seattle, Washington. This centralized location allows us to serve the Greater Puget Sound region and beyond. As one of the largest independent hydrostatic testing facilities in the Pacific Northwest, we are adequately equipped to handle bulk orders.

For hydrostatic cylinder testing, contact the experts at Fire King today by contacting us online.

Ultrasonic Examination

Cylindrical structures, including pipes and pressure vessels, must be defect-free to remain dependable and safe. Ultrasonic examination testing uses ultrasound technology to measure flaws, defects, and wall thickness in steel high-pressure compressed gas cylinders. This is an effective way to test a cylinder’s overall safety and structural integrity. Fire King is certified to perform UE testing at our Seattle facility.

For the certified experts to perform UE testing, contact us online today!

Other Cylinder Testing Services

In addition to hydrostatic and UE testing, Fire King offers these additional cylinder testing services:

  • Propane requalification: Propane cylinders require retesting, known as requalification, every five or 10 years depending on the cylinder type, condition, and prior requalification method. Cylinders must also undergo a visual inspection before each refill to ensure there is no rust, corrosion, external damages, missing parts, or defective valves.
  • Eddy current testing: SCBA and SCUBA cylinders require eddy current testing in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. As long as the cylinder passes the test, it can be hydro tested and returned to service. However, as soon as cracks become evident during testing, the cylinder must be retired.

Cylinder Reconditioning

We recondition high-pressure compressed gas cylinders to conserve resources and save you money. Our techniques allow used fire extinguishers, oxygen tanks, SCUBA gear, and more to remain in use for decades.

We remove any labels, shot blast the surface, and apply new paint to make the used cylinder look new. We thoroughly test all reconditioned cylinders to ensure they meet performance standards. In the end, you receive a cylinder that looks and performs like new for a fraction of the cost.

Cylinder Maintenance

Our maintenance and reconditioning services include:

  • Cosmetic exterior blasting and painting
  • Internal shot blasting
  • Tumbling
  • Valving
  • Neck ring replacement
  • And more

For all of our cylinder services, including testing, reconditioning, and maintenance in the Pacific Northwest, contact Fire King today online for more information!

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With over 35 years of experience to draw from, Fire King has built a reputation for being a trusted pressurized cylinder service provider in the Greater Puget Sound region. We help keep our customers safe with code-compliant testing and maintenance.

The next time you need hydrostatic cylinder testing or cylinder services in the Pacific Northwest, please contact Fire King.

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