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Fire Alarm Monitoring in Seattle, Milton & the Surrounding Areas

Fire alarm monitoring is an essential element of any fire protection system that can ensure the efficient response of trained personnel if there is any detection of smoke or fire within your building. Once combustible materials begin to smolder and release heat or smoke, the fire detection system sends a signal to the alarms, which sound to alert the occupants of the building to the impending danger and give them time to safely evacuate the premises. What happens after the alarms sound is what determines how quickly help arrives and the extent of the damage or injury the fire may cause.

The experienced professionals at Fire King of Seattle are highly trained in all areas of fire protection, including fire alarm monitoring, with over 35 years of dedicated service in the Seattle and Milton areas.

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How Does Fire Alarm Monitoring Work?

A fire alarm system is designed to recognize the signs of a fire within your premises and sound an alert to evacuate the building, and a fire sprinkler system operates in much the same way with the addition of fire suppressing capabilities. Neither system, however, will alert the fire department on their own, highlighting the need for professional fire alarm monitoring services from an experienced, reliable fire and life safety services company.

Fire King of Seattle utilizes the latest equipment and technology available to ensure fast response times by your local fire department in the event that a heat detector, smoke detector, fire pull station, or fire sprinkler system is activated in your building. In the event of an alarm signal, immediate communication is established with the fire department when every minute counts.

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Benefits of Fire Alarm Monitoring in Milton, WA

Fire alarm monitoring has a number of benefits in buildings that may be routinely occupied as well as those that are left unoccupied for a portion of the day, including the following:

  • The fire department will be called even if there is no one present to hear the fire alarms
  • Fire alarm monitoring may satisfy a condition of your commercial building insurance
  • Building occupants can concentrate on exiting the building rather than calling for assistance
  • Shorter response time by the fire department
  • Reduced risk of damage to the structure, occupants, and contents of your building

Call the team of professionals at Fire King of Seattle at (206) 763-4177 to learn more about the benefits of fire alarm monitoring for your Seattle-area business, or contact us online to obtain a quote for fire protection services today. 

Fire Alarm Monitoring in Seattle, WA

Fire King of Seattle is a full-service fire protection company with over 35 years of industry knowledge and experience. We offer the following fire alarm services to ensure the safety of your building and its occupants:

Contact us to schedule fire alarm monitoring services in the Seattle and Milton areas or call us at (206) 763-4177 today! 

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Fire King of Seattle is committed to providing the finest quality fire protection products and services to customers throughout the Seattle area.

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