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Fire Extinguisher Inspections in Seattle & Pacific Northwest

Properly selected and placed fire extinguishers are an excellent basis for any commercial business’s fire protection. However, your efforts in protecting your employees and clients are not complete with an install alone—standards set by the NFPA and state/local codes require that fire extinguishers be professionally inspected on an annual basis.

For comprehensive fire extinguisher inspections and other fire extinguisher services, you can count on the certified professionals at Fire King of Seattle. We offer thorough fire extinguisher inspections for commercial businesses large and small all across the Pacific Northwest.

To schedule fire extinguisher inspection in Seattle, Tacoma, and the Pacific Northwest, call (206) 763-4177 or contact us online!

Professional Fire Extinguisher Inspection in Seattle, Tacoma, Milton & Beyond

It is highly advised that your commercial business handle a monthly inspection of your fire extinguishers to ensure they have not been discharged, that they are properly tagged, and that there are no visible signs of damage. However, comprehensive inspections from certified professionals are a requirement for compliance as stated by the NFPA.

Beyond simple legal reasons, inspections for your Seattle commercial fire extinguishers are imperative to make certain they are ready and capable when you need them. Routine inspections are necessary because:

  • Incorrect or inaccurate fire extinguisher tagging can lead to improper use, meaning the extinguisher will fail to put out the fires you need it to.
  • Many forms of fire extinguisher damage are difficult to spot without appropriate training.
  • Discharged or overcharged extinguishers are an unfortunately very common cause of extinguisher failure.
  • Our local fire protection company has been offering complete fire extinguisher inspections for years now. We understand all state, local, and national fire protection codes and are highly adept at putting these into practice to make certain your business is completely protected in the event of a blaze.

Our inspection programs are based around the needs of your business. This means that not only will we work with you to generate a schedule and plan that suits your particular needs well, but also our team will customize your inspections to make certain no items are left unchecked and that no extinguishers are missed.

Schedule Fire Extinguisher Inspections Throughout Seattle & Puget Sound Area

Whether you are seeking annual, biannual, or monthly fire extinguisher inspections, Fire King of Seattle can provide the superior service you require. Our number one priority is to provide residential and commercial clients with exceptional services and dependable solutions.

Contact us online today to schedule an inspection, or feel free to call any time to learn more about staying fire safety compliant! 

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