We are excited to announce that Fire King is now part of Performance Systems Integration.

We are excited to announce that Fire King is now part of Performance Systems Integration.

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Fire Extinguisher Inspection in Seattle, Washington

Provided proper placement and thorough employee training, fire extinguishers can act as a reactive form of fire protection, and as a preventative solution for smaller fires. These systems are absolutely integral to the safety of your business and clients, and as such they must be thoroughly and routinely inspected for adequate function, charge, and condition.

Fire King of Seattle is a full-service fire protection company serving Seattle, Washington businesses. We carry the experience and knowledge, as well as the facilities, to provide comprehensive fire extinguisher inspection services.

If your business is seeking fire extinguisher inspections “near my location” in Seattle, Washington, then you are in the right place. Call (206) 763-4177 or reach Fire King of Seattle online

Our Fire Extinguisher Inspection Service in Seattle

All fire extinguishers located on the premises of your Seattle business should be inspected by on-site maintenance team members, or by dedicated staff. These inspections should include visual checks for signs of obvious damage, tag checks, and charge/cylinder pressure checks. However, these monthly checks are insufficient alone.

In order for your business to maintain compliance, annual fire extinguisher inspections at the hands of trained, certified fire protection specialists are necessary as stated by the NFPA. Fire King of Seattle is licensed, certified, and experienced in complete fire extinguisher inspections. We provide all of the following, and more:

  • Checks to ensure proper fire extinguisher types are being used, proper placement is observed, and extinguishers are easily reachable in an emergency
  • Check that extinguishers are properly mounted, forward facing, and labels are clearly legible
  • Inspection of all mechanical parts, discharge components, and gauges
  • Checks to ensure fire extinguishers are at proper pressure/weight levels
  • Inspection to ensure all extinguishers are up to date with pressure testing and cylinder integrity inspections
  • Update tags with appropriate identifiers, dates, and inspection professional’s identifying information

Our expertise in fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance also extends to complete hydrostatic testing, 6-year inspections, and fire extinguisher recharge after extinguisher use or accidental recharge. Fire King of Seattle is your one-stop shop for complete fire extinguisher service!

Contact Fire King for Fire Extinguisher Inspection in Seattle, WA

At Fire King of Seattle, we place the safety of our clients above all else, and do all within our power to make certain that your business is protected, compliant, and fully prepared for a fire emergency. In addition to annual fire extinguisher inspection services, we also offer fire extinguisher installation, replacement, and repair.

To schedule fire extinguisher inspections with Fire King call (206) 763-4177 or contact us online


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