We are excited to announce that Fire King is now part of Performance Systems Integration.

We are excited to announce that Fire King is now part of Performance Systems Integration.

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Fire Extinguisher Maintenance & Reconditioning in Seattle, Washington

Fire extinguishers provide a means of handling smaller flames before they get out of hand. Or, in a more dire situation, provide a means of safe egress to employees and patrons. These tools are vital for the safety of your business as a whole, and must be carefully maintained, inspected, and reconditioned as needed in order to provide optimal defense.

Fire King of Seattle has been serving commercial businesses of all sizes since 1982, offering superior solutions that maintain fire-code compliance and workplace safety. Whether you need a team that provides comprehensive maintenance service, or you’re looking to recondition the extinguishers within your business, we are the superior choice in Seattle.

Are you seeking fire extinguisher maintenance services in Seattle? Connect with Fire King online, or call (206) 763-4177 to schedule an appointment!

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance & Reconditioning

Keeping the fire extinguishers in your business up to code and functioning effectively is not difficult, but it does require consistency and access to a qualified maintenance team. Fire King of Seattle is a full-service fire protection company specializing in fire extinguisher services. In addition to comprehensive maintenance and inspection programs, we offer fire extinguisher reconditioning that can help keep your business safe and code-compliant while remaining as cost-efficient as possible.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Schedule

Fire extinguisher maintenance is a multi-step process. An appropriate, code-compliant maintenance schedule includes all of the following:

  • Monthly inspections – Monthly inspections can be performed by your own maintenance staff, and should include visual checks for damage, tag checks, and pressure gauge checks.
  • Annual fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance – Annual maintenance inspections must be performed by a certified fire protection company and include in-depth mechanical inspections, gauge testing, placement inspection and label checks, and more.
  • Hydrostatic testing – Hydrostatic testing involves emptying canisters and testing their ability to maintain structural integrity under certain pressure testing conditions. Provided the cylinders pass, they are recharged and reinstalled.

Hydrostatic testing timelines are every 5 years for water and carbon dioxide canisters, 6 years for stored-pressure canisters, and 12 years for cartridge extinguishers.

Benefits of Fire Extinguisher Reconditioning

Reconditioning offers a cost- and time-efficient alternative to complete fire extinguisher replacement. In the event that your extinguishers can be reasonably reconditioned and restored to code-compliant efficacy, it’s the preferred option. Some of the major advantages of reconditioning over fire extinguisher replacement include:

  • Bringing your extinguishers up to code, meaning no fines
  • Saving the cost of complete fire extinguisher replacement
  • Ensuring your extinguishers are in ideal working condition, including adequate charge

Schedule Your Fire Extinguisher Services Today

Fire King of Seattle is your one-stop shop for complete fire safety services. We proudly serve Seattle, Bellevue, Auburn, Kent, Tacoma, and Renton, as well as the surrounding areas. When you need complete fire extinguisher services in Washington state, we’re the experts to trust.

Reach us online today to schedule fire extinguisher maintenance, or call (206) 763-4177 to learn more about fire extinguisher reconditioning in Seattle! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do fire extinguishers need maintenance?

Yes, your fire extinguisher will need to be inspected and given regular maintenance from a fire protection contractor. A contractor will be able to catch any safety issues during fire extinguisher inspection. Fire extinguishers must be inspected according to industry safety standards and the maintenance guidelines for that specific type of fire safety device.

What are the maintenance requirements for my fire extinguishers?

  • Monthly inspection by the owner of the fire extinguisher
  • Annual professional fire extinguisher inspection
  • Internal (six-year) fire extinguisher maintenance (also referred to as tear down)
  • Hydrostatic testing every 12 years

Annual inspections, internal maintenance, and hydrostatic testing must be performed by a licensed fire protection company.

Why do fire extinguishers expire?

Fire extinguishers expire for several reasons. For example, the seal on the neck of the fire extinguisher can weaken over time and leak. Fire extinguishers are not effective at putting out fires once they lose pressure. This is why it’s important to have your fire extinguisher inspected and regularly maintained. The expiration date on the fire extinguisher shouldn’t be the only thing you trust.

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