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Fire Sprinkler Services in Seattle, Tacoma & Surrounding Areas

Sprinkler systems are a necessary part of any fire protection plan, offering day and night coverage should a fire occur. Once the systems are in place, however, your needs are not completely met. Fire sprinklers must be inspected and tested on a routine basis, and all fire sprinkler repairs should be handled as soon as possible.

For all of your fire sprinkler service needs, you can count on Fire King of Seattle! Our fire protection company has been serving Seattle, Tacoma, Milton, and the surrounding areas for over three decades. Together with our extensive knowledge, training, and understanding of local and state fire codes, we can keep your business safe and compliant at all times.

Our fire sprinkler services extend to all of the following:

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Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Professional sprinkler inspections cover visual inspections for working fire sprinkler components and systems. Fire King offers complete inspection services to satisfy your quarterly, semi-annual, and yearly fire sprinkler inspections. During the inspection, our certified fire protection specialists will check the following:

  • Signs of damage including chipping and cracking, corrosion, or damaged sprinkler heads
  • Proper sprinkler head orientation, clearance, and placement
  • Gauge checks and control system visual inspections

In addition to any basic fire sprinkler inspection requirements, your Fire King technician is also fully capable of providing inspections for any custom components or unique sprinkler system parts, including dry sprinkler systems.

Testing Services for Fire Sprinkler Systems

In addition to inspections, fire sprinkler testing is necessary to test the functionality and reliability of your installed fire sprinkler systems. This should include testing for proper water flow and pressure, as well as effective automation controls and manual controls, and testing for any associated valves, alarms, or other components.

Fire King provides complete testing services suitable for keeping your business code-compliant and safe throughout the year. Our fire sprinkler testing services conform to your needs, meaning if you require quarterly, semi-annual, yearly, or five-year fire sprinkler testing, we have you completely covered.

Fire Sprinkler Repair in Seattle & Tacoma

Should your fire sprinkler systems incur any damage, or if a fault is found with the function or capability of your sprinklers during an inspection, our team can also provide complete fire sprinkler repair. From sprinkler heads and wet/dry pipe replacement, to control systems, our repairs are both swift and totally comprehensive.

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Our inspection and testing services conclude with inspection and testing reports for your records for Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) or fire marshal queries. We can keep your business safe, code-compliant, and completely prepared for a fire!

Contact Fire King online to schedule fire sprinkler services, or call (206) 763-4177!

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